Why Buy From Open Box Electric?

Why Buy From Open Box Electric?

Open-box products are often demo pieces that were displayed for demonstration purposes only. Some of the products may have never been even switched on, but have merely been removed from their packaging at some point in time. In addition, most open-box items are covered by the manufacturer’s new goods warranty.

Most importantly you need to put aside your personal fears and start thinking outside the box! You should always be open to buying goods through an Open-box Sale. 

What you may not realize that overstock products are often returned to manufacturers unused and in perfectly good condition. Unfortunately, rather than being being resold, these unused items end up going to waste, which can have devastating effects on our environment.

How do Unsold or Returned Goods Affect the Environment?

Overstock and returned items either end up in dumpsters, or are destroyed so that someone else won’t discover them and attempt to sell them for profit. These discarded items, especially electronic goods that contain toxic chemicals, can pose real threats to our water supply, air and soil! E-waste, which is just one of the many growing problems related to unsold overstock, can even have severe health implications all around the world.

Do your research

If you are getting a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a free return label should you not be satisfied with your purchase with the option to pay with Amazon Pay, that offers full buyer protection then in reality you have nothing to worry about. in fact you are getting a deal of a lifetime!

100% Risk Free Shopping!

Why Open Electric?

If you’re looking for cutting edge electronics and rock-bottom prices, then open Box Electric has the best equipment for much less. You should always keep in mind that most of our items have been put on display or used as demos in-store or trade shows, or products that have been tested by reviewers. When you purchase from Open Box Electric you are directly contributing to a greener environment by giving open box electronics a second chance. This also translates into a better deal for you financially, because all our products are available for a fraction of what they sell for in other stores. 

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